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Joe Smith- a short storry

Posted by silverinessimage on May 13, 2010 at 12:26 PM


My name is Joe Smith. I have ADHD, or rather ADD. Attention Deficiency Disorder, it means it’s hard to focus on one thing at a time, and I usually have a million thoughts at once, all screaming inside my head. Its rather tiring, but it’s who I am, and I think I notice stuff more that other people do… !CAT!… sorry where was I? Anyways…



I woke up, the sealing looked just like it did yesterday morning, except the lights dancing on it was a bit different, as usual. They where more yellowy than the usual yellow light that comes from the street outside. I wondered why the light always changes from day to day, as it’s the same lighting outside, probably the pollution again. I placed my feet on to the floor. It was cold, like cold wood when there has been no heat for a while. I wondered where the heat went, all that molecular energy… probably to the neighboring room, it was always warm there. Pollution is kinda strange. It’s bad but it makes really pretty sunsets. Apparently red sunrises come from pollution.


“Red sun rises; blood has been spilled this night”




Awkward silence… strange how that happens even when you’re alone. Discovery channel is really rather educational… when I get lost in the middle of a jungle, I’ll know how to catch scorpions and eat them. I always thought they where poisonous, but apparently all you have to do is take the tip of the tail of. Wow, my pile of clothes look like a face, almost like my aunt, the same nose… Why are the clothes always cold in the morning? I bet heat is actually a little bug that only stays when you’re looking, so the second I close my eyes they run of and party in the neighboring room. That’s why it’s always warm there!


I grab the Ritalin on my bed side table as I make my way over to the kitchen.


“Methyl-phen-idat Hydro-chlor-id… Vnr 01 93 85… hum, birth date, stop!…”


Why is there are red triangle on my Ritalin box, like a giant STOP sign, it’s a sign I think, from the… cat walking across the yard outside, cute. If I was a cat I wonder how far I’d travel. I wonder how long my whiskers would be if I had them now. Whiskers are very sensitive, and tell the cat if a place is wide enough for them to get through. Discovery is a cool channel, MYTH BUSTERS!!! If there is a myth you don’t quite understand! WHO YOU GONNA CALL?! MYTHBUSTERS!!! Great movie, freaky monster, yum. I wonder what would happen if I took like 5 of those pills, maybe I'll become a zombie…. Braaains… or I'd choke, they are rather large…


“Super sized for you pleasure, RITALIN!... random… braaains”


The heat bugs don’t like metal I think… not unless you make them stay… the keys are so cold, like cold metal.


I put the keys in my mouth, and then wonder why I did and spit them out. Maybe it was to make them warm, and it worked!... The school bus will be here in 5 minutes. I wonder if I’ll get back problems when I’m older… the Ritalin is getting into effect, that cat hardly distracted me at all…. Cute. I grab my school bag and go outside, the birds are singing. The sky is blue, and not red, no blood has been spilt this night… Another wonderful day ahead, and another 12 hours until I’ll be myself again.


I go onto the school bus and sit down. There was no one next to me, I think I’m the only one that notice that it’s empty. No one else ever notice it, it seems cause its always empty. I remember feeling upset about it some mornings ago, but I don’t remember why.







The End


Isa( and sis)

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Reply *Zahara*
11:36 PM on November 9, 2010 
ha ha! I have ADD too! and i totally agree with us kind of people noticing things more than others