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The beggar Poem by Isa's sister ( 13 years old)

Posted by silverinessimage on May 14, 2010 at 12:27 PM


This happening happened on a cloudy autumn’s day.


The grass wasn’t green and the skies were so gray.


How depressing the world seems in this state,


so the people rushed home before it got late.


All but one was on their way home.


That was the beggar who was begging for coin.



“Got some left over coins?” he said over and over again.


It looked as if he could only complain.



No luck was granted when begging for money.


He sat on the one spot where it never got sunny.


But he wasn’t done just quite jet.


He was determent to stay, even if the sun would set.



Not long after he saw a woman coming.


She looked very rich, was sure to have something.


Excuse me my lady, but do you have some coins to spare?


If I may say so, to meet one as pretty as you is quite rare.”



The woman looked at the beggar with an insulted face.


The beggar had never felt so out of place.


Now why these following sentences next led………..


it’s still unknown, but this is was what she said:


“Run of filthy beggar, take your leave


My precious money you will never receive.”


The woman stomped on, down the road,


the reason for her behavior was never told.


Now, once again the beggar sits without even a single dime.


Then a sent that suddenly appeared, reminded him that it was dinnertime.



It is now all the families make all their food,


the sent had escaped out the windows, and it smelled so good.



The poor beggar longed to eat.


he pain of the cold disappeared from his feet.



Very hungry and exhausted,


he wished for food before the night started.



One after one walked right past.


Would the poor beggar last?


It had been weeks since last he had eaten,


and that food had already been bitten.


It went on for hours without luck,


until the big town clock struck.



The beggar fell half unconscious on the concrete.


The exhausted body, against the wind could not compete.


There were no thoughts in his head at the moment,


till an unknown voice said a long insulting comment:



“Your hands look so cold, but that isn’t the reason they’re shaking.


Just by looking at you, my eyes begin aching.


An outcast of society, I pity you so.


I never thought that anyone could sink so low.



the most miserable human I’ve met, without doubt!”


“I hope that my penny can help you out.”



The beggar felt something cold in his hand.


A shinny coin there had land.


It was the shiniest coin he had ever seen.



………..”Some people can so be kind, but yet the world is so mean”….…….



The night had past and it was dawn.


The beggar, however, was gone.


There on the city’s ice cold floor,


while smiling, he begged no more.



At last, the beggar’s suffering had finally come to an end.


The reason for him smiling, the people had to bend.


Some say he was drunk or high,


but I know that was a lie.



He had managed to reach his goal,


so happy to achieve before he’d fall.


Because, what he wrote on his sign,


was a message on a crocked line.



People thought that it was just a joke,


to catch attention from the foke.



So very naive they all had to be,


to not understand what their eyes could see.


Because, wanting money was not the only case,


the city had turned into to a very sad place.



Not even one of them understood,


what on the beggar’s cardboard stood.


All of their guesses were way out of range.


But at least this beggar knew the world needed to change

Ladies and gentlemen, you may now leave your seats,


because this is the end of the beggar who lived on the streets.




by Isa's sister

Categories: prose, religion and politics

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Reply *Zahara*
9:53 AM on November 10, 2010 
Great story! love it!