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A world with(out) religion

Posted by silverinessimage on May 15, 2010 at 12:28 PM

In my high school religion was almost never talked about. Not because no one was religious, and the subject wasent tabu either, it was just that everyone just let people believe what they believed. The general idea was that religion was part of ones culture, and was their business. You could ask " so what do you believe in?" and people would answer, and no one would argue because what you believe in is what you believe in, like favorite color, no color is better that the other one, people just tend to prefer one over another.

I loved that school, and I loved the way things worked. But not everybody was as thrilled as I was about the general conception of religion. Like one of my best friends, she was a strikt catholic and like most strikt catholics she believed that people who are not of the true faith ( ie. hers) would end up in hell when they died, and burn, forever and ever. This was of course a concern of hers, but because preaching was a BIG nono she never mentioned it until i asked her about what she believed in.

She almost started crying when she told us she didn't want us to end up in hell, and how it pained her that we didn't see that christianity was the true way. This was sweet, she cared, she didn't want us to end up in hell, but still she respected our believes enough to let us believe what we believed!

I believe in god, im just not christian, or muslim, or hindu or any other religion you might mention (not even a pastifarian even though that one is great!) I have found out on my own that it makes more sense to me that there is some higher force, not a person but a force. thats what i think, its my "religion" if you will, let me have it! dont try to foce me to beleving something else, it dosent concern you! it dosent hurt you! it dost change your life the slightest! I dont try to convert you, dont try to convert me! dont say my belief is inferior, it isn't, its my belief!!!!!!!!!!

As you might have notised im a bit annoyed, not at religions, not at religious people in general, just those who dont understand that a persons religion is their business! A friendly concern is ok, if your religion says everyone who dont believe what you believe get tortured, but in that case thats a faith we have chosen for our selves.

How we look at life is important, whether we are atheists or agnostic or christian or muslim or... so on. but whats really important is how we treat other people, " do on to others as you wish others do onto you", the golden rule, is common in most religions and is the best rule ever! ( and the best part about it is that it says be nice to everyone, even people who might not believe what you believe)

By Isa

ps: people who says other peoples religions or believes are stupid are stupid!

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Reply Mr.Neko
1:20 PM on May 15, 2010 
I dont really care about religion, as long as everyone is happy im happy^^
Reply *Zahara*
11:32 PM on November 9, 2010 
I totally agree with you! Live and let live!