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I believe in magic!

What was magic in the old days? Well good and short it would probably be gravity, magnetism, chemical reactions or other physical properties that science today usually have an explanation for. But, it’s not the "law" of gravity and magnetism, it’s the "theory of gravity" and "the theory of magnetism", chemical reaction is just the name we have put to the thing that could happen when to subjects are put together. Science is not: " look we cracked the code of the world" its " we think we see a connection between it getting colder and water turning to ice... so this is probably why... let’s say it’s the same for everything for now and if we find something that contradicts it, change it so that it fits again" (yes long sentence... sorry^^) The point is, science is something we made! gravity didn’t in theory exist until we decided there had to be something making things fall to the ground, science is our way of pretending we understand the universe.

Did you know that science says that if you poke at a table (let's say out of stone) for long enough time (the stone does not wither away) you should be able to poke your finger through it, no problem. This is because like 90% or more of the stone table is vacuum, and atoms move around, so at one point all the atoms could move so that your finger can be let through. 

My point is: things we don’t understand used to be magic, gravity was magic, and magnetism was magic, chemical reactions= magic, biology=magic and so on. Things that now have fancy names= magic. But there are tons of stuff that we still don’t understand, or can comprehend for that matter. like how everything could have been created in the beginning ( yes I know we have a name for the thing "big bang" but what the power that  made it happen) and why is the universe speeding up? If it’s the dark matter (that apparently was created with the big bang at equal quantities as matter) why are we still here? Matter and antimatter annihilate one another if they are anywhere near one another! And who is to say that there aren’t some other force we don’t know about? How can the bumblebee fly? Science says it shouldn’t? Maybe magic? Maybe some unknown force I have decided to cal magic!

Besides, no one can deny the sunset being breath takeingly beautiful or the incredible miracle of pregnancies (something alive, thinking thing is being created form almost nothing!!) so even if we have a nicely written book about how different electric energies form the electrons in an element gives it colors and we "know" how babies are made, it’s still magically wonderful^^


Isa 02.04.10

Dragons, faries and whatnot

I get so annoyed when someone laughs at the idea of dragons, mermaids fairies or any other type of what most pll cal "fairytale creatures" or "mythological beast" just listen to this: every day we discover some new species, there are large area we have yet to explore and we have hardly even began exploring the sea. Who are they to say one of those things we haven’t found yet isn’t a dragon? maybe not huge dragons, and maybe they don’t breath fire ( if you  know what DnD is you also know that some of their dragons breath acid or poison, is it really to much to ask for a flying snake?) did you know that there are hydras in the real world? Tiny little things that if cut up piece itself back together again, and the giant octopus! They have found huge specimens of 20m and longer, kraken anyone?

Just remember: "never say never" there is more out there than most ppl know!

Isa 02.04.10

Evil villans

I love evil villains. Whether they are in books, movies, games or my own private imaginations. But there are a few things that annoy me; more often than not, at the end most villains ruin their character! They are portrayed as smart, evil and so on and so forth and then at the end... they ruin it! Either by running away, dying some idiotic way like falling of stuff, cry like a little girl, or you know the typical: making a looong monologue so that the hero just manages to do the right thing.

Not that I want the bad guy to win, but in all my character development I have one rule: Once you establish a character the character has to do what that character would do! Use some logic! If you have a super evil genius he won’t stand there telling everyone of his evil plan, he will be to smart! And a homicidal maniac doesn’t leave the hero alive, he kills him! It’s just so frustrating!!!! 

Another thing that annoys me is this: ever seen this stupid guy no one in their right mind could respect as the evil villain? How does that make any sense? How in the entire world did that idiot come to power? No henchman with an inch of respect would follow someone like that. And even if he did get some ppl to do as he said, he would never get very high up on the villain ladder of power.

Now. Not all villains are failures; some (mainly evil villain in watchmen) are great! They know what they are doing, they don’t make too stupid mistakes and mostly! They aren’t evil villains who want to see the world burn! No person (ok almost no one) wakes up in the morning thinking:”I wonder how I can make the world horrible to everyone today" NO!  An evil villain isn’t taking over the world because he just wants to, he does it because, either: " the world will be a better place with me as its ruler" or "there can only be peace if I rule the world with an iron fist" or even " people are evil and are destroying the earth, I have to kill everyone so that the earth can begin to heal". The point is: they have some way of turning what they do towards the greater good. "Sure I have to kill a few million but at the end of it everything will be better". Hitler is a good example, as he is probably one of the most evil villain of our time, no one can say Hitler did anything good, but do you think he woke up thinking "today I’m gonna do something really evil! MUHAHAHAHAH" no... I don’t think so... it was probably more like:”Ahhh, as soon as we get rid of all the Jews everything will get better...” 

Evil pll usually don’t go around categorizing themselves as evil, and when creating a character you have to remember that. They usually think they are doing something good, something that will help in the big picture.

Like, I'm not realy evil... right?


isa 01,04,10

Random ideas and thoughts

Sorry for any and all spelling errors u’ll most likely see here, I (isa) will use this page mostly for random topics I suddenly want to write something about. plz remember that there will be my personal ideas or beliefs crudely written, so if u feel I say something horrifying plz just leave a comment^^ I love having my ideas questioned^^

Joe Smith


My name is Joe Smith. I have ADHD, or rather ADD. Attention Deficiency Disorder, it means it’s hard to focus on one thing at a time, and I usually have a million thoughts at once, all screaming inside my head. Its rather tiring, but it’s who I am, and I think I notice stuff more that other people do… !CAT!… sorry where was I? Anyways…


I woke up, the sealing looked just like it did yesterday morning, except the lights dancing on it was a bit different, as usual.  They where more yellowy than the usual yellow light that comes from the street outside.  I wondered why the light always changes from day to day, as it’s the same lighting outside, probably the pollution again.  I placed my feet on to the floor. It was cold, like cold wood when there has been no heat for a while. I wondered where the heat went, all that molecular energy… probably to the neighboring room, it was always warm there. Pollution is kinda strange. It’s bad but it makes really pretty sunsets. Apparently red sunrises come from pollution.

“Red sun rises; blood has been spilled this night”


Awkward silence… strange how that happens even when you’re alone. Discovery channel is really rather educational… when I get lost in the middle of a jungle, I’ll know how to catch scorpions and eat them. I always thought they where poisonous, but apparently all you have to do is take the tip of the tail of.  Wow, my pile of clothes look like a face, almost like my aunt, the same nose… Why are the clothes always cold in the morning? I bet heat is actually a little bug that only stays when you’re looking, so the second I close my eyes they run of and party in the neighboring room. That’s why it’s always warm there!

I grab the Ritalin on my bed side table as I make my way over to the kitchen.

“Methyl-phen-idat Hydro-chlor-id… Vnr 01 93 85… hum, birth date, stop!…”

Why is there are red triangle on my Ritalin box, like a giant STOP sign, it’s a sign I think, from the… cat walking across the yard outside, cute. If I was a cat I wonder how far I’d travel. I wonder how long my whiskers would be if I had them now.  Whiskers are very sensitive, and tell the cat if a place is wide enough for them to get through. Discovery is a cool channel, MYTH BUSTERS!!! If there is a myth you don’t quite understand! WHO YOU GONNA CALL?! MYTHBUSTERS!!!  Great movie, freaky monster, yum.  I wonder what would happen if I took like 5 of those pills, maybe I'll become a zombie…. Braaains… or I'd choke, they are rather large…

“Super sized for you pleasure, RITALIN!... random… braaains”  

The heat bugs don’t like metal I think… not unless you make them stay… the keys are so cold, like cold metal.

I put the keys in my mouth, and then wonder why I did and spit them out. Maybe it was to make them warm, and it worked!...  The school bus will be here in 5 minutes. I wonder if I’ll get back problems when I’m older… the Ritalin is getting into effect, that cat hardly distracted me at all…. Cute.  I grab my school bag and go outside, the birds are singing. The sky is blue, and not red, no blood has been spilt this night…  Another wonderful day ahead, and another 12 hours until I’ll be myself again.

I go onto the school bus and sit down. There was no one next to me, I think I’m the only one that notice that it’s empty. No one else ever notice it, it seems cause its always empty. I remember feeling upset about it some mornings ago, but I don’t remember why.



The End

Isa( and sis) 13.05.10

Racism and crap like that

I went to an international school, racism didnt exist there, for crying out loud none of us  came from the country we where living in, not realy. there was a sort of jocke going around, some of my friends had an on going jocke where they would put book about hitler and antisemitism in someones backpack and laught when the libaryes alarms when off when they tried to leave the libary. beeing a racist was a joke, calling someonbe a jew was a laugh and if one of the middle east looking people wore a scarf over their moth he was a "terrorist"  and as a girl ( and as blond) beeing extremly sexist around me was, well a joke. We all knew it was the stupidest thing in the world, we all knew no one realy was racist, cause if you wher you would hate everybody.

But these days, exspesialy with kids, words like "yew" has become an exsepted swear word, sometrhing that everyone think is bad to be called.It just fustrates me how... how racism isntdisapearing but rather springing up again. What the hell are these kids learning? I grew up with all kinds of ppl, i even feel more comftable with ppl that dont come from the same contry as me, i guess thats just becaause our culture is different. the whole thing is getting on my nervs.

well i dont have anything more to say one the subject, i guess... Good luck world^^

Isa 02.04.10

The beggar Poem by Isa's sister ( 13 years old)


This happening happened on a cloudy autumn’s day.

The grass wasn’t green and the skies were so gray.

How depressing the world seems in this state,

so the people rushed home before it got late.

All but one was on their way home.

That was the beggar who was begging for coin.


“Got some left over coins?” he said over and over again.

It looked as if he could only complain.


No luck was granted when begging for money.

He sat on the one spot where it never got sunny.

But he wasn’t done just quite jet.

He was determent to stay, even if the sun would set.


Not long after he saw a woman coming.

She looked very rich, was sure to have something.

Excuse me my lady, but do you have some coins to spare?

If I may say so, to meet one as pretty as you is quite rare.”


The woman looked at the beggar with an insulted face.

The beggar had never felt so out of place.                                                                                             

Now why these following sentences next led………..

it’s still unknown, but this is was what she said:                                                                                                                                               

“Run of filthy beggar, take your leave

My precious money you will never receive.”                                                                          

The woman stomped on, down the road,

the reason for her behavior was never told.

Now, once again the beggar sits without even a single dime.

Then a sent that suddenly appeared, reminded him that it was dinnertime.


It is now all the families make all their food,

the sent had escaped out the windows, and it smelled so good.


The poor beggar longed to eat.

he pain of the cold disappeared from his feet.


Very hungry and exhausted,

he wished for food before the night started.


One after one walked right past.

Would the poor beggar last?

It had been weeks since last he had eaten,

and that food had already been bitten.

It went on for hours without luck,

until the big town clock struck.


The beggar fell half unconscious on the concrete.

The exhausted body, against the wind could not compete.

There were no thoughts in his head at the moment,

till an unknown voice said a long insulting comment:


“Your hands look so cold, but that isn’t the reason they’re shaking.

Just by looking at you, my eyes begin aching.

An outcast of society, I pity you so.

I never thought that anyone could sink so low.


the most miserable human I’ve met, without doubt!”

“I hope that my penny can help you out.”


The beggar felt something cold in his hand.

A shinny coin there had land.

It was the shiniest coin he had ever seen.    


………..”Some people can so be kind, but yet the world is so mean”….……. 


The night had past and it was dawn.

The beggar, however, was gone.

There on  the city’s ice cold floor, 

while smiling, he begged no more. 


At last, the beggar’s suffering had finally come to an end.

The reason for him smiling, the people had to bend.

Some say he was drunk or high,

but I know that was a lie.  


He had managed to reach his goal,

so happy to achieve before he’d fall.

Because, what he wrote on his sign,

was a message on a crocked line. 


People thought that it was just a joke,

to catch attention from the foke.


So very naive they all had to be,

to not understand what their eyes could see.

Because, wanting money was not the only case,

the city had turned into to a very sad place.


Not even one of them understood,

what on the beggar’s cardboard stood.

All of their guesses were way out of range.

But at least this beggar knew the world needed to change                                                                                                                    .                 

Ladies and gentlemen, you may now leave your seats,

because this is the end of the beggar who lived on the streets.   


published 14.05.10

by Isa's sister

A world with(out)  religion

In my high school religion was almost never talked about. Not because no one was religious, and the subject wasent tabu either, it was just that everyone just let people believe what they believed. The general idea was that religion was part of ones culture, and was their business. You could ask " so what do you believe in?" and people would answer, and no one would argue because what you believe in is what you believe in, like favorite color, no color is better that the other one, people just tend to prefer one over another.

I loved that school, and I loved the way things worked. But not everybody was as thrilled as I was about the general conception of religion. Like one of my best friends, she was a strikt catholic and like most strikt catholics she believed that people who are not of the true faith ( ie. hers) would end up in hell when they died, and burn, forever and ever. This was of course a concern of hers, but because preaching was a BIG nono she never mentioned it until i asked her about what she believed in.

She almost started crying when she told us she didn't want us to end up in hell, and how it pained her that we didn't see that christianity was the true way. This was sweet, she cared, she didn't want us to end up in hell, but still she respected our believes enough to let us believe what we believed! 

I believe in god, im just not christian, or muslim, or hindu or any other religion you might mention (not even a pastifarian even though that one is great!) I have found out on my own that it makes more sense to me that there is some higher force, not a person but a force. thats what i think, its my "religion" if you will, let me have it! dont try to foce me to beleving something else, it dosent concern you! it dosent hurt you! it dost change your life the slightest! I dont try to convert you, dont try to convert me! dont say my belief is inferior, it isn't, its my belief!!!!!!!!!!

As you might have notised im a bit annoyed, not at religions, not at religious people in general, just those who dont understand that a persons religion is their business! A friendly concern is ok, if your religion says everyone who dont believe what you believe get tortured, but in that case thats a faith we have chosen for our selves.

How we look at life is important, whether we are atheists or agnostic or christian or muslim or... so on. but whats really important is how we treat other people, " do on to others as you wish others do onto you", the golden rule, is common in most religions and is the best rule ever! ( and the best part about it is that it says be nice to everyone, even people who might not believe what you believe)

By Isa 15.05.10

ps: people who says other peoples religions or believes are stupid are stupid!