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I'm 24 years old with the mind of a fist grader. I contribute this to my wonderful little siblings^^. I consider myself wonderfully strange as I dress somewhat Goth and Iím addicted to anime and other cartoons, Iím also a fan of DnD and WoW. My strong points are maths and other sciences and I tend to get along with most people, as Iím capable of being interested in almost anything people talk about. Other than that my fav color is blue and I would love to be a werewolf as Iím obsessed with wolves.  I draw on my free time and I have recently finished a fanfic based on Eyeshield 21, with Hiruma/OC pairing^^. My friends have recently said that I would either become an assassin or a teacher... I think the world is happy that I finaly decided to become a maths teacher (maybe not my future students I can be rather evil if i think people deserve it but tend look and act happy and hyper^^.

 Me^^ (if I was an anime character)



If I was a fantasy creature I would be a werewolf. I would be chaotic good and have silver white fur and blue eyes. I would be the type that never stays in one place at a time but travel all over the world, killing the people I thought deserved death on my way.^^ I would become one because of my spirit's power. I would most likely also create the worlds best assassin clan composed only of werewolves that i would turn at a very young age and they would all have to have a strong wolf spirit before i turned them. Then I would become the strongest werewolf and become the sole ruler of all werewolf clans.^^(whatís wrong with having ambition? lol) (what i actualy look like ->)


I'm 20 years old and finally done with high school. I love to read and wish that there where more hours in one day so I could do more, I also draw, mostly comic; I also write and hope to publish my own book. I study Motion Graphics, and hope to be an animator, I have really many ideas for what to make, all I need now is the skill to make them.  Of course I adore animals,  I have three cats.  I'm not sure how all my friends see me, some I think see me as innocent other as maybe to serious, I may be 19, but act older sometimes (and sometimes I may be a little childish...). I try to do my best and hopefully a little more. My first fantasy book I read was "The Voyage of Jerle Shannara; Isle Witch" and has become my favorite book. Though I like fantasy I also read serious books", and I just loves Norse Mythology and Celtic myths and legends. 



(me if I was an anime character)


If I was a fantasy creature, I would most probably be an elf, wandering through mysterious forests as a forgotten myth. I would have the ability to heal and use my powers to heal the forests and its inhabitants and sometimes I would have traveled in the world disguised, trying to prevent great wars.