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for you who dream


I have four younger siblings, boy, girl, boy, girl, ages 13, 11, 3 and 1 respectively.  The two younger loves me but that is just because they are young and they love everybody. The two older worship me, quite literary, they are the extreme sides of me, but my extreme opposite sides, one is a realist (the boy) and the other is a true artist. Now, these siblings have been known to quite literary fight for me and my time, and they have had dreams where I am either god or someone you just can’t beat. This has lead to my parents telling them all the bad stuff about them when they are upset to make them feel better ”It ok that you didn’t get 100% on the test, Isa had huge problems with maths when she was your age, look at her now!” needless to say that can be a quite annoying. However here are some rules that will make your siblings love and worship you, with all that brings^^

How to get worshiped by your younger siblings


1)      Bribe them; By giving them money (candy also works), if you have more than one sibling (older or younger) make sure the others you are not bribing at the moment don’t see you. It is a good idea to make each of your little siblings think you are only bribing them.

2)      If they are being told of, ALWAYS be at their side, NEVER try to look good in comparison, if you even make your parents a tiny bit mad at you, its even better (but only a tiny bit) this makes them trust you and they will stand up for you later.

3)      Listen to what they have to say…or pretend to listen, this has to do with trust and making them feel better, a sibling that feels good does more stuff for you

4)      If you do all of the above your siblings should be starting to tell you all their secrets, this means you can blackmail them, this is only to be used in emergencies.

5)      Have some sort of punishment for them when they are bad (nothing physical) this is best if you start when they are young then punishments like “you are not allowed in my room” and “you may not sit next to me” are very effective and they will start thinking that being around you is a reward.

6)      NEVER show them your weak sides, you have to appear as a god to them if you can. When your siblings get amazed when you can’t do something it means you are doing it right.

7)      If you get mad, dot yell, just sound really disappointed, makes them feel worse.


This seems like a lot to do, but if you stick to it you will get your own personal slaves for the rest of your life^^ enjoy

 By Isa~~~