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Here you will find anime series and mangas that we recommend. Have you seen any good anime that you wish to share with us? Send us a mail to and we may post it here. You may stay anonymous if you wish, but please say so.

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Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21 is a anime (and manga) about American football. The main character Sena Kobayakawa, who enters Deimon Private Senior High School, only gets along with other students because they make him run errands for him. Because of this he has remarkable speed. The anime takes us through the American Football teams road to the christmas bowl.  Isa has written a fanfic  based on this anime, you can read it here (opens in new window). This is the first part of episode one, watch more on youtube.


Recommended by Isa 

Death Note

Death note is an anime (and manga) about Light who finds a notebook with the title ”death note”. By writing in a persons name with their face in mind in the book you kill them. Light decides that he shall make the world a better place by killing all the evil people in the world and become the better world’s god. Light is then pursued by ”L”, a boy his age who is known as the best detective around. The manga is basically about ”L” and Light running around in circles, ”L” trying to find out who Light is and Light trying to find out ”L”s name,  it gets really interesting as they are both exceptionally smart (and good looking). This is the first part of episode one, watch more on youtube.




Recommended by Isa



Inuyasha is about this girl Kagome that on her 16th birthday finds a portal to feudal Japan where she meets a hanu (half demon) Inuyasha (meaning dog demon) They later meat up with Shipo, Miroku and Sango. The anime and manga is about how the team tries to collect all the peaces of a very powerful jewel that gives demons great power, while they fight the evil Naraku. This is drama comedy and romance, very good story; just don’t watch in English, better in Japanese with eng subs! (This is hard to find but they pronounce everything wrong in English) If you want to read a very good fanfic on Inuyasha i recomend: The Journey to the City of Endless Night

This is the first part of episode 1, watch more on youtube



Recommended by Isa


Full Metal Alchemist

This is about the Elrick Brothers, All and Ed. Ed is the older and is 12 years old, his right arm is mechanical and so is his left foot, he lost them first by trying to bring  his mother back to life and right afterwards bringing his brothers soul back as he lost his whole body during the first attempt. This has resulted in All being a huge plate armor. This is manly action but there is some drama and angst as some pretty bad stuff happens (like a little girl being turned into a dog and then killed) There is some minor romance as well but it is not a major party of the story. This is a must read^^


Recommended by Isa



Naruto is drama, action comedy and romance, mostly comedy though. It is about Naruto who is a ninja (aged 12) and he has the strongest demon sealed inside his body the nine tail fox (so he has orange hair and whiskers) There are some extremely well done characters and a good story. If you are only to watch one anime or read only one manga, this is what you should see into! If you have any imagination this thing will keep you busy daydreaming for hours!








 Recommended by Isa


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (film)

Hayao Miyazaki is the greates creater of anime. He has made many anime movies and if you're into stuff like this you must see his films

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind take place in a time long ago. The human settlement is scattered and isolated from each other because of toxic jungles, swarming with giant insects. Nausicaä is the princess of the Valley of the Wind has a gift and can communicate with the insects in the jungle, she is trying to figure out what makes the jungle toxic. One day an airship crashes near their village containing something threat full, a God Warrior. Nausicaä learns that this warrior will be used to destroy the toxic jungle, but she knowns that the results will be catastrophic if so.

 Recommended by Ela

Princess Mononoke (film)

Princess Mononoke is an anime move made by the wonderful studio Ghibli. It is about a young man, Ashitaka, who is the prince of his village that gets cursed by a dying great boar, so he leaves his village to find out where the boar came from and to the great forest where the great forest god lives so he can lift the curse. The curse makes him super strong, but he loses some control of the arm that was cursed. In the great forest lives other minor gods, including a wolf god, her two pups and princess Mononoke, a human girl the god adopted. Ashitaka gets caught up in the struggle between Mononoke and the Humans that live near the forest, taking its resources. The plot complicates as hunters want to kill the forest god, and Mononoke and Ashitaka have to work together to save the forest and the human village.         Watch the trailer and see the rest on youtube. ^^RhdFoTnPWMo


Recommended by Isa


My Neighbor Totoro

It is about the two sisters Satsuki and Mei who moves into an old house in rural Japan with their father, close to a hospital were their mother is ill. One day Mei is playing outside and sees two white rabbit-like ears in the grass, she follows the creature under her house and sees two small magical creatures. She is then lead into the hollow of a large tree, there she sees a creature the same as the ones who lead her here, only much larger, she becomes friends with it and calls it for Totoro, later her father says that this is the "keeper of the forest". My Neighbor Totoro is a wonderful anime full of humor and fun.

Here is a trailer you can watch ^^ 



 Recommended by Ela