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A non-sence story i wrote about wolves.

Posted by *Zahara* on November 10, 2010 at 9:37 AM

He tore down the trail,chasing her. She turned and growled. He was stunned and hurt. "Don't!" she screamed at him. He yelped in surprise and leaped back. He saw his breath and  hers collied and twirl around each other. "Why can't we be that way?" he whimperd,but she was gone and had not heard. He howled, mourning. He felt as if his heart had been torn out. He howled again. A howl so filled with sadness it could make anything cry. Tears burst from a near by tree, and and soon after all the trees were crying. All the tears formed small streams on each side of the mourner. He howled again. He now wished for death to come to him. He lowered his head and droped to the ground crying.

When he woke he heard a rustle in the bushes and pricked up his ears.(It had been half a month since she had left him and he still cried himself to sleep.)Then with a jolt she jumped out of the bush! He leaped up and howled with joy,but she signaled him to stop. She then told him the story of her new mate,and how he had only used her to get close to Deam,the alpha of all the alphas,and was planning to attack Deam's pack and become the most powerful alpha in the forest.He had wanted her pack to help.

He growled in anger at this story and made a little plan of his own. His mother was Yebnarc, was in charge of all the other wildlife in the forest. He would tell her of the evil mates plans and she would gladly help with this great battle.The whole forest against one pack. Seems like it will be an easy win...

He stood on top of a rock over looking the battle feild where a great battle was about to take place. The battle feild was coverd with shadows and stains of blood from preiviouse battles. It was a feild of pain,hurt and sadness.His mother did get a lot of help for him,but from what he saw in the distance the other war party was just as great.He heard a battle howl that sent chills down his back,and the war began.

He spotted a important looking warrior from the opposing sides army and lept down on his back digging his claws and fangs into his back.The warrior layed down on his back to get him off. They both leapt back growling.The warrior leaped but then a huge tree root swated the warrior on his side and killing him.The tree warriors had come to help!He rand to the top of the rock again and signal for the griffens to attack. They screached with fury and killed and carried away many warriors.Then the leader of the dark  war party leaped in front of him."My name is Hektes,and i have come to kill the learder of your war party who may that be?"  He bunched up his muscles and leapt on the dark war leader.And the two fought a fight like no other.He stood over the dark war leader and said "I am their war leader!" The dark war leader whined,"Please have mercy on my soul!" So he let the dark war leader scamper off.

That is the story of  Balec and Taura.

p.s:each time this story says he it is refering to Balec. Each time it says she it refering to Taura.

p.s.s:this is the short version of the story

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Reply silverinessimage
9:08 AM on November 24, 2010 
A really interesting story Zahara, and sad too. It would be fun to read everything, how long is the whole story? ^^

Reply *Zahara*
10:41 AM on December 16, 2010 
um well it is going to be mabey 10 or so pages. sorry for the sadness i was just doing random writing i do that when ever im bored and that's just what came to me.
Reply silverinessimage
2:06 PM on December 16, 2010 
*Zahara* says...
um well it is going to be mabey 10 or so pages. sorry for the sadness i was just doing random writing i do that when ever im bored and that's just what came to me.

Well, it seems like a beautiful story anyways. I don't mind the sadness, truth be told, I think a story seems more realistic when it's sad. I think maybe 10 pages kan be a bit to much, but I'll think about it, would be nice to have the whole story ^^

Reply *Zahara*
6:04 PM on December 17, 2010 
hey i wrote a shortend version of the rest of the story! Just in case your wondering Balec and Taura get back together again