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Rascism and crap like that

Posted by silverinessimage on April 2, 2010 at 12:24 PM


I went to an international school, racism didnt exist there, for crying out loud none of us came from the country we where living in, not realy. there was a sort of jocke going around, some of my friends had an on going jocke where they would put book about hitler and antisemitism in someones backpack and laught when the libaryes alarms when off when they tried to leave the libary. beeing a racist was a joke, calling someonbe a jew was a laugh and if one of the middle east looking people wore a scarf over their moth he was a "terrorist" and as a girl ( and as blond) beeing extremly sexist around me was, well a joke. We all knew it was the stupidest thing in the world, we all knew no one realy was racist, cause if you wher you would hate everybody.


But these days, exspesialy with kids, words like "yew" has become an exsepted swear word, sometrhing that everyone think is bad to be called.It just fustrates me how... how racism isntdisapearing but rather springing up again. What the hell are these kids learning? I grew up with all kinds of ppl, i even feel more comftable with ppl that dont come from the same contry as me, i guess thats just becaause our culture is different. the whole thing is getting on my nervs.


well i dont have anything more to say one the subject, i guess... Good luck world^^



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Reply *Zahara*
11:39 PM on November 9, 2010 
like i always say live and let live