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Fantasy creatures

Here you can read about different fantasy creatures. Most have different opinion about each creatures. For example elves, they are not little, green or bald (as I have read some places), so this is how those creatures really are like (or at least our opinion) ^^. 


I think a short description of how I beleve humans (and most other creatures) are "put together" will help you, so this will also be posted here^^ (Isa)


The first werewolf was created back in the days when gods still walked the earth and humans where smart enough to accept other people’s beliefs. The name of the first werewolf is unknown all we know is that it was a girl born in a middle class family in a village where the majority worshiped the goddess of nature, Frøya. This girl was born like any other and she seemed normal until her 7th birthday when she wandered into the woods by her house, she was only gone for one night, but when she was found she would neither speak nor eat. Her parents went to the temple because they where afraid she had been possessed. However, they could find nothing wrong so the parents when home and prayed to Frøya that their daughter would become herself in spirit and flesh, the girl prayed for the same thing, for she felt her human form restricting and she felt her spirit yearn for the body of a wolf.  The goddess came that night and told the girl that while her spirit yearned for the body of a wolf, her heart was truly human, so the goddess would give her the form of her soul. And that was how the first werewolf was created.

By Isa

Facts about werewolfs:

  • They have to turn into a werewolf when the light of a full moon hits them, they are free to avoid it if they want to, but most werewolf’s want to turn into their spirit self
  • Werewolfs can be good, evil or neutral but they must be chaotic (DnD talk)
  • You can become a werewolf by ether being bitten by a werewolf, being blessed by Frøy or if your spirit is a very strong wolf, the person will then automatically turn in their teen years. You can also be born one (if one or more of your parents is a werewolf)
  • Powerful werewolfs can change whenever they want
  • It only hurts to change if the person on some level does not want to turn or if they expect it to hurt.
  • Werewolfs does NOT look like the werewolf in Harry Potter.
  • It is possible to see the difference between male and female wolfs (larger paws, longer nose, and the female has more of a chest than the males)
  • Werewolfs are almsot imortal, they will live on untill something kills them


 You probably didn’t know that there was anything special about ravens, if you don’t then you are very wrong. If you look at Norse mythology Odin, the main god, had two Ravens that flew around the world and collected information (there names are Huginn and Muninn meaning thought and mind) they where extremely smart and could talk.  One of the things most people don’t know is that all Ravens can speak human, different languages depending on the country, Ravens can even turn human if they wish (but they don’t as they think we are stupid and they prefer their raven bodies) It is common knowledge that a specific type of dark elves are the descendants of ravens. Ravens are chaotic neutral, so if you ever see one maybe you can get it to talk if you offer it something pretty (be ware they know fake stuff when they see it!)


Elves are the most beautiful race, some live in the forest , other in the cities. Elves can live for hundreds and thousand of years all depending on which race they are.  The most common is high elf, these are the most beautiful, often they will have green or blue eyes and fair hair. They are as you can see by the name the tallest of the elves and many  of the other elf races  are envious of their beauty. Wood elves live in the forest, not all enjoy the company of humans, they are  one of the lowest elves,  the majority have brown hair and eyes, their skin is also a little brownish. From time to time an elf and a human fall in love, not all accept marriage between these two races and some are therefore forced to find a new place to live together. Not always, but very often it is the female that are elvish and the male human, the sad thing is that the male will die hundreds and thousands of years before his wife, and the female are left alone. Elf can morn very much so sometimes the female dies in sorrow after the male. If a human and an elf have children they will be half elves.

Drow elves

There exist a darker type of elves, called drow elves or dark elves. Once they were as beautiful  and kind as most elves, but some began long ago to developed an evil nature and more followed. The other elves chased them alive and sent them on exile, they fled in the darkest places, some lived in caves under the earth other in deep and dark forests where the trees are so huge that they cover the entire sky, so they never see any light. Later they began to developed dark skin, and white hair (some have black hair as well). The drow elves are a cruel kind, they love wars and battles, but since they were so few they made alliances with dark wolves (evil black wolves). They hunt and eat fresh meats, and hate all that is good, they specially hate the elves that sent them on exile. It is hard to believe that these cruel elves once was beautiful and lived in harmony with the nature.




Half Dragons

To say it the way it is, you do NOT want half dragons to get angry with you. Their strength and swiftness is not something to ignore. Many people believe that half dragons prefer close combat using two-handed swords or maces, WRONG! They wait till its dark, then swiftly and silent, sneak up on you and (using either dagger or short sword) stab you through the heart while making sure not a sound can be heard. Half dragons can also be excellent magicians due to the way their magic flows. Unlike mages they don't need to study, practice or ready their spells, it just comes naturally. Another thing people think is that they have scales, wings, horns, large teeth, and super long nails, this is also wrong, they take almost no physical aspects of their dragon parent (except if they are over 9 tenths dragon). The only visual mark half dragons have is a slight tint to their skin color (depending on their dragon part), NO wings, sharper teeth (NOT exaggerated), bit longer and sharper nails (they tend to bit them to keep them short 'cause anything else isn’t strong enough), and NO horns. Their physical features depends on the humanoid form, so if he/she is half elf he/she would most likely have blue eyes and long blond hair, if he/she was half orc he/she would most likely have no hair and brown eyes. Half dragons can jump much higher then their humanoid part, climb better, and balance better. They gain their dragon parents breath weapon and his/hers special qualities (like fast swimming, fast digging, ect.). If they would get caught killing someone and get over 20 people running to him/her with amour and swords held high, he/she would lead them to a place he/she could easily kill them using his/her own hands. So if you disagree with a half dragon then just nod along and keep ALL comments till the end and DON'T BE MEAN, for your own safety^^

The Body, The Spirit and The Soul

The thing is this: we are essentially two things, body and spirit, the combination of these is called a soul.


The body is in essentials what we are: male, female, human, wolf, cat, or anything else that may exist in this universe. But the body also includes out culture, our language, our beliefs, everything we are thought in life is part of the body. (The body is therefore very fickle and is under constant change. The body may only stop changing after death) The body has a lot more to say about who we are than the spirit.


The Spirit is a bit more complicated as it is divided into two further sections, the primal and the elemental. The combination of the two decide our nature. Someone who is nice and does good things (please keep in mind that good and evil are relative terms and must be taken lightly) may have an evil nature (these are the people who will without hesitation kill the person who hurt (read hurt as baaaadly hurt) their friends family or even themselves) and evil people may have a good nature. (Yes I am saying that some people have a higher chance of doing bad things than others)

            The primal section is best described as a combination of animals (like some ancient cultures believed and still believe that everyone has a guardian animal that says something about us). There is no such thing as an evil animal, and some animals are not more likely to give an evil nature than others, it is all about the combinations (as a pure primal section is extremely rare if not unheard of).  All animals have different natures, like the wolf likes to be with other wolves unlike turtles who has it just fine on its own, so if someone’s primal section was made of a wolf and a turtle…well they would not feel as content as someone whose animals where a wolf and a dove.  Most peoples primal section is made of tens of animals, but most have either one or two dominant ones. Some people know who their animal(s) is(are) ( some people don’t because even though one is more dominant than the others the difference is not big enough for  the person to make a strong connection to only one)

            The elemental section is composed of these elements:

Group 1

Light: optimism, nativity and generalizations

Water: truth, change and submission

Air: imagination, empathy and lost

Energy: jump to conclusions, energetic and self determent

Group 2

Dark: serious, philosophical and the bigger picture

Fire: passion, headstrong and the ability to persuade

Earth: physical strength, logic and unreeling

Metal: mental strength, closed and analytical


Obviously the combinations of these are important, but the balance is what’s most important, if you have an excess of group 1 element in comparison to group 2 then ever being content in one place (both mentally and physically) may be difficult.

            It is possible to change the composition of your spirit but that takes a lot of time and energy and the chances of succeeding are small.  The harmony between the elemental and primal sections of your spirit is also important, and having a completely balanced spirit is nearly impossible.


As previously mentioned the Soul is the combination of the body and the spirit. The soul (unlike the spirit) can take physical manifestations (and is what is released when we die). If there is a huge difference between the spirit and the body there is usually a feeling of your body either being too small or too big (or as if there should be a tail there and claws there or that your ears should be bigger).


P.s. Gods and the like have very pure souls, usually with only one or two animals and elements that compliment each other, and in many cases the difference between spirit and body are so minimal that the spirit, body and soul can be thought of as the same thing (in Christianity there is the father the son and the holy gost all being God)


P.p.s. Only people with a strong dominant element have the ability to use magic.

By: Isa