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Online Comics

Chasing the Sunset: a long fantasy adveture going on for the last 5 years and is aparantly coming to an end, wonderful drawings and story, comedy

Ctrl-Alt-Del: funfun nerd comic, always fun if you know what they are talking about, not a continous story

Storm: new fantasy comic has good potential, well drawn

Vanadys: Tales of a Fallen Goddess: new comic in black and white, very good potential

Charby the Vampirate: fun long comic, dark comedy well drawn but takes some time for the story to start

9th Elsewhere: a wonderful comic 17 years old Carmen, who wants to write, but just can´t find the right story to write. Then Eiji comes to help her, a muse who is supposed to inspire her to write. He takes her on a journey inside her own dreams. But something goes wrong, she gets trapped in their together they must find a way out.  

Random fun things


Make your own anime character (like the smal character on my(isa) profile)

There she is homepage, click on the blue character and watch^^

Veoh, best place to watch anime^^

Games for everyone ( i love random defence^^)

Fun fun game^^

And of cource quizilla and newgrounds^^