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for you who dream


All these stories happen in the same univerce and is my main univerce

The stories are extremely short and are just enough to leave you with some sort of moral lesson learend (usualy)^^

plz enjoy


The “Good knight” a fairytale


Once upon a time in a land far-far away two great countries where at war. The war had lasted for 30 years and there was still no victory, the only hope of peace was the legend of the good knight.


 “And he will come from the land of the northern lights, carrying the wisdom of a thousand men, and he will aid goodness and the world will heal”


The white kingdom had sent many envois to find this “Good knight” but none succeeded, at the same time rumor was going around that the opposing kingdom Delay, ruled by the half Dragon dictator, was looking for the knight to ensure his own victory. However, nether country found the “Good knight” until one day a young man came riding through the ports of the White kingdom, and when the guards asked him where he came from he simply answered “from the country of northern lights, the gods sent me here to bring justice and goodness to these lands”. The young man was quickly taken before the king and his advisors( who really held most of the power) and they decided to let their high mage examine him, to determine if he was indeed the man spoken of in the legend.


The high mage is the oldest living mage in the country and he holds much power in the kingdom, in this case much more that the king and almost as much as his advisers.

 The young man was presented to the high mage who immediately proclaimed him to be the “Good knight”, If this was true or not cannot be said, for the country was in great need for the “Good knight”. The kingdom haled the “Good night” and the kings advisors immediately asked him for his advise on wining the war, after all they where the White kingdom, honored by most, and the defending country in this war. But the “Good knight” said that he had nothing at the moment and that he needed some time to research the other country to better se what he was up against.


He read day and night about the kingdom Delay and after 5 days he was sure he had read enough as he could take no more of its ruler’s tyranny. This is what he found out:


In the kingdom of Delay all the money was owned by the dragon dictator, and he alone held all the power. The citizens of his country had to pay enormous taxes, designed to take as much as possible from the rich as well as leave the poorest with enough to just get by. Every boy had to enlist in the army, and the streets where controlled every night by solders, to keep any rebels at bay. His motivation for invading where even worse, he believed that all the world should be under his iron fist rule, preventing freedom from everyone. All this information was too much for him so he went directly to the advisors to propose a plan.


However, the plan failed and the “Good knight” was captured by enemy solders. He watched as all his comrades where brutally killed by stone faced soldiers, but they kept him alive. He was taken to the dictator of Delay, and was at once struck buy the power and charisma that the seemingly young dictator possessed. Having read so many horrid things about this ruler he was certain he would be killed immediately, but the dictator of delay calmly told him that he would not se him killed, but instead let him use his library, so that he could se who the real villains where. For the kingdom of Delay had also been awaiting this “Good knight” to help them overcome the evil of the White country. The young man, certain that he would not change his mind, no matter what info this dictator presented as it was sure to be false, agreed to his terms. The dictator was pleased, and then proceeded to swear on his honor, that he would be allowed to leave after a week if he wished to do so.


The days went by and the young man spent his hours at the library, he was amazed to find that most of the texts he had read in the white kingdom were also to be found here, as well as countless other writings from all around the world.  As he read he became increasingly confused, according to these text, the White kingdom was ruled by corrupt advisors and laws that greatly favored the rich, leaving the poor to fend for themselves, and even though the huge cities where relatively safe, the rural areas was overrun by bandits and other scum. Further he found no information that contradicted what he had already found when in came to the kingdom of Delay. Determined to find out more about this country he gained an audience with the dictator, but no matter what he asked he got the same answers as he found in the books, and he finally gave up and asked the dictator why he was evil, and the dictator answered; I am not evil, I did start this war, and I did it because I want to rule the world, I do have my soldiers control the streets, enforcing my laws, and I have in place a strict taxing system that take more from the rich than the poor. But my reasons are pure, I believe I could be the ruler this world needs to bring equality. My soldiers keep criminals of the street and the money taken from the people are given back, as health care and other civil services. The white kingdom is stuck in the past, refusing to come forwards with their corrupt leadership and laws that only enhance the difference between the rich and the poor. I started this war, because unlike the king of white, I believe killing is necessary to get a lasting peace.


After that the young man when to his chambers, not knowing what to do, he could not see what country was good and just and did therefore not know witch country to aid in this battle. All night the young man stayed awake in his room trying to find the right solution, and at dawn he knew what he had to choose.


A few hours later he left the kingdom of Delay, unhurt as its dictator had promised, and went home, leaving the two countries to fight their battles on their own.


For the only true good is neutral.

The Goddesses Light and Dark



Once upon a time when ants still outnumbered people there lived two goddesses. One as beautiful as day itself, hair bright as the sun and her gown made of children’s laughter, she was the goddess of Light and life, and she was loved. The other goddess resembled the goddess of light, she also had golden curls and deep blue eyes, but when she walked the earth, darkness and death followed, because that was her godly domain.


The worshipers of Light begged her to challenge Dark and end her hellish crusade, and Light, who loved all living things like they where her own, accepted for she had had quite enough of Dark killing her children. Besides nothing is stronger than the power of light and life?


Dark accepted the challenge, her honor would forbid anything else, and they fought as goddesses do, causing much destruction in Darks path and much life in Light’s. This continued for many decades( if you cunt the way man do, for a second for the gods is an eternity for man) And when the fight finally ended, man waited, expecting to se Light emerge victorious, but he was wrong, for both Light and Dark emerged from the battle, nether power faltered, and nether willing to fight. And Light proclaimed: Light and Dark is two sides of the same coin, you should worship Dark as you worship me.


Since then Light and Dark have been best friends, and man no longer question death and darkness, after all they do walk hand in hand with life and light.


The Pretty Princess



Once upon a time there lived a pretty Princess who had many suitors, but she turned all of them down for various reasons that the king did not se sufficient. The years went by but there was still no one good enough for the Princess, but it was when the Princes said that she would only marry the man that could answer her a satisfactory answer to her impossible question “Why is a sky earth?” that the king became so furious that he locked her in the tallest tower in all the land and told her that she would only be allowed down if she accepted someone, but the Princess refused, she would rather sit in her tower than marry any of the dimwitted knights and princes that came at her door.


So she sat in her tower for many years until, magically, her hair grew so long that she could climb down with it, but the pretty Princes was rather content in her tower and refused to let her hair down to the people that came to “set her free”. But one day two young men stood underneath her tower, a beggar with a pure hart and a rich prince. The princess fell in love with them  immediately (even though she was so far up she could barely see them, for so strong is the power of love).


She told them that she could not choose between the two of them immediately, and that they should come back at sunrise the next day. The beggar and the prince when to their own, and the Princess sat in her tower all night thinking, and when sunrise came she had decided to take the beggar as his heart was pure and would be a good ruler. When they both arrived under her tower she called out the beggars name to be her husband. The pretty Princes was finally allowed out of her tower and ran down the stairs to her true love, but when she came outside the prince had killed the beggar, the princess was struck by a deep sorrow, until she saw that the beggar was no where near as handsome as the prince and immediately forgave him.


And they lived “happily” ever after.

The Princess


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful Princes, she was known far and wide for her cunning smile and royal elegance. She had many suitors for her country was rich with precious stones and good harvests. She had immediately rejected almost everyone, leaving her to choose between the prince of the White kingdom and the dictator of Delay. Now the Prince was well known for his beauty and good manners, and he did not let a moment go without flattering the Princess with words fit for the god of poets. At the same time the Dictator did not flatter her with words nether did he look at her with lust like all the other suitors had, she was lead to believe that the dictator was not so much interested in her as he was in the land that came with her, but still she would not pick the prince, even though she was sure she could be happy with him. But even though her common cense told her to pick the prince she could not help herself to look forwards to seeing the dictator, she found herself longing for their conversations, even though it was not filled with sugar coated compliments like she was used to.


So the days went and she spent more and more time with the dictator, and even though she was always amazed at their conversations and his undoubted ability to rule, her certainty that he did not care for her more that her goods increased. Then one day the prince came before her, anger and pain plastered across his face. “Why do you ignore my calls for you while you walk with the dictator, can you not se that my hart slowly dies when I’m not with you, do you not se that there is no one I could love more than you? Do you not think you could be happy with me? I will leave tomorrow, come with me then and be my wife, for I cannot stay here and watch you being taken away from me”. The princess didn’t know what to do, she did not love the prince, but it was foolish to wait for the dictator, and what would be best for her country? She lay awake in her chambers that night, fighting with her heart, and decided to go with the prince.


They where immediately married and the prince continued to price her every move , his devotion still as strong, but even thought the princes knew she should be happy she could not make herself so, for she missed the eyes of the dictator, she missed his very presence. Many moons passed and the princess became weaker and weaker every day, until she could not leave her chambers. The prince became extendedly worried, and the advisors of the king stated to bother him about finding a new wife, for his current would certainly wither away soon, but the prince would hear none of it.


In the kingdom of Delay the news of the withering princess reached the dictator ears. He immediately sent a messenger to the white kingdom, not without difficulty for the war had now lasted for 34 years, but he could not let the princess die, for even though he did not think he loved her, she had a certain charm to her that he found rather interesting. The advisors did not agree to the request but when the prince heard of it he begged the advisors to let him come, for the kingdom of delay had medicine far more advanced than the white kingdom. But the advisors refused. Blinded by tears the prince looked at his wife getting weaker by the day. The prince fell asleep like this and when he woke up the dictator was standing by the window, looking down at the princess, worry barely escaping his eyes. “How did you get here so fast? And how did you get in through the gates? The advisors refused your request on coming here.” The dictator did not reply immediately but then spoke. “There are other ways to travel than by horseback, and mere wall cannot keep me out” At that the princess opened her eyes, and the prince could immediately se how the essence of life run through her and the softening on the dictators otherwise harsh eyes. The prince, who above all wanted his princess to be happy, said that he would annul their marriage, for the princess’s place was on the dictator’s side, not his. And on that the prince left, returning late that day to find the princess and the dictator no where to se, and he was happy.


When the king of the white kingdom died a year after, the prince, sick of the advisors corrupt power, had them all arrested for high treason and stopped the now 35 year war.


For how could the dictator be evil when the love of his life could love him more than life itself?

The White and the Black knight


Once upon a time when gods still walked the earth and legends became true there was a White knight, he was fairest of them all and he was good and just. This knight had slain dragons and saved countless damsels in distress, and wherever he went, peace followed. But there was also a Black knight, he torched every village he came through and killed many innocent, he aided the corrupt and loved to play with his victims.


One day the king of Siam asked the White knight to slay the black fiend, and unlike all the other requests the king had laid forth to the knight, the knight hesitated. When the king asked him why he answered that in a fight between himself and the Black knight he may as well lose as win, and if the Black knight succeeded his force of good could no longer balance out his evil, and the king agreed, it was too great a risk to lose the White knight.


So the years went by and the White knight continued his quest as the Black knight did his until one day the king decided to end the Black knights parade once and for all and sent out his best men to hide in a small village in hope that the Black knight would attack. They waited many moons until they finally saw the Black night ride towards the village.


I could tell you how all the men fought bravely and how many fell to the Black knight’s blade but in the end all you can say is that they all died. But the Black knight was heavily wounded, and one of the villagers saw this and killed him with one of the solders sword before the Black knight could defend himself. And when his helmet was taken the eyes of the White knight stared lifelessly up at them


Good cannot exist without evil, as the White knight could not exist without the Black.